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The Tasting Company will be expanding in​to Florida! June 1st we will be covering Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale, with Sarasota soon to follow.
 The Tasting Company services the New England area. We staff in-store wine tasting, consumer, and trade events with highly educated wine professionals. We offer knowledgeable wine educators with certifications in all areas, levels and regions of wine.

"The Tasting Company is the most professional group of men and women in the industry. Jean Driver is an organized leader and responds to my HELP calls immediately every time. Those assigned to pour at events are always well-prepared. Jean and her team provide written feedback about all events. Her fees are also very reasonable. I would not be able to survive all of the requests if it were not for Jean and her tasting team!"

Cathy E. Harrison, Northeast States Area Manager

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards & Winery

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